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What Powder is Used for Metal 3D Printing

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What type of powder is used for Metal 3D Printing?

Flowability: A major characteristic for metal powder is the potential to be flowable through the 3D printer. Materials that are more flowable can be controlled more easily and produce more consistent products and layers. In addition, they are less likely to produce products that have uneven layers. The more fluidity of metal powder means that it is easier to produce a metal 3D model.

Powder 316L stainless steel

The powder of stainless steel 316L has been extensively studied for its effect on AM. It's a representative material and results can be applied to other alloys. The distribution in size, as determined by the 4S process is 9.43 millimeters. In terms of particle shape, the PSF (PSF) is near one. The properties of the powder are described in Table 1.


The most well-known metal alloy that is utilized to make 3D printing , is the titanium. It is an extremely strong and durable metal that is ideal for manufacturing functional parts, prototypes, and other products for aerospace, military as well as automotive applications. Titanium is biocompatible, and is often used in medical implants.

The benefits to titanium powder is many and it is getting more and more used in additive manufacturing applications. It's about half in weight than steel and its unique properties allow it to be a suitable material when it comes to 3D printing. Titanium is lightweight, heat-resistant as well as chemically-resistant. It is biocompatible. It has many advantages, titanium is particularly beneficial for aerospace and motor vehicle applications because the amount of weight that is placed on the item is essential.


Niobium powder is an ideal material for 3D printing in metal because it is bio-inert and is easy to work with. In additive manufacturing, it's utilized to create niobium alloys, which can be used to create aerospace components and engines. This process is known as laser-based powder bed fusion (also called SLM) which uses a laser to selectively melt the powder and create metals.

Niobium is a chemically similar metal that is chemically similar to tantalum. Their melting point is comparable. They also share similar thermal and electrical conductivity. This makes them ideal in chemical process. They are both used in the manufacture of capacitors as well as various electrical gadgets.

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