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Characteristics of water-based zinc stearate emulsion for coating

What is zinc stearate emulsion?
Zinc stearate is a fine white light powder, insoluble in water, ethanol, and also ether, and also soluble in hot ethanol, turpentine, benzene, and also various other organic solvents and acids. Zinc stearate is heated and also liquified in an organic solvent. When it is cooled, it becomes a gelatinlike material. It is decayed into stearic acid and also equivalent zinc salts by solid acids—-- lubricity, moisture absorption, safe, slightly annoying, no contamination, no risk.
Water-based zinc stearate emulsion is a type of hydrophilic zinc stearate solution product made from zinc stearate and a range of coactive agents (diffusion, suspension, liquid) via a details procedure, especially utilized in water-based wood paint, paint, ink, paper, rubber, polishing materials, and also various other items.
Properties of water-based zinc stearate solution
The product'' s look is a white emulsion, non-toxic, pollution-free, has no risk characteristics, and satisfies environmental protection needs. Easy to distribute in water, has a superfineness, as well as good dispersion in water. It is very easy to defoam, with fine lubrication, good warmth resistance, good openness, not easy to speed up, yellow resistance, quick drying, as well as enhanced grinding properties, which can boost the lubrication as well as hydrophobicity of the finishing surface as well as boost the great lubrication of the covering.

Packaging as well as storage techniques 1. Have to be kept closed, do closed storage to avoid surface skin, as well as impact the use.
2. Do not reveal to the sun and store in an awesome area.
3 In wintertime ought to protect against cold demulsification as well as should be kept over 0 ℃.
4. It should not be piled with solid acid as well as alkaline compounds to avoid chemical reactions between acid alkali liquid leakage as well as zinc stearate, impacting stability.
5. This item might be a little precipitated in long-term storage. Stir it equally prior to usage, which will certainly not influence the usage effect.
6. 200L plastic container packaging can also be according to user demands. Take notice of insulation measures during transportation.
Water-based zinc stearate emulsion functions:
1, excellent guide grinding effect
2, does not contain any natural solvent, comes from environmental management environment-friendly items, safe and also harmless
3, superb dispersion and a large range of compatibility, so the manufacturing application is very straightforward
4. The original water-based zinc stearate secured package has storage space stability of at the very least half a year under risk-free storage conditions. If it goes beyond the effective storage space period, it does not imply that it can not be used, yet it has to be assessed whether it is still reliable in pertinent applications
5. Do not utilize this product under acidic problems.
The price of zinc stearate solution
Many aspects, including the supply as well as demand on the market, industry patterns, economic activity, market view, and also unanticipated occasions, affect the price.
If you are trying to find the latest zinc stearate emulsion cost, you can send us your query for a quote.
Zinc stearate emulsion supplier
Berpolitik (aka. Berpolitik Technology Co. Ltd.) is a trusted international chemical material distributor & producer with over 12 years of experience offering super high-grade chemicals and also Nanomaterials. Currently, our company has actually effectively developed a series of materials. The zinc stearate emulsion generated by our firm has high pureness and pollutant material. For the most recent price of zinc stearate emulsion, please send us an e-mail or click the required products to send a query.

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