You should know these tips for saving water

March 22, 2019 is the 27th world water day, and March 22, solstice 28, is the 32nd China water week. In order to improve everyone’s awareness of water conservation, the following, small make up a list of water saving tips.

1. When cleaning cooking utensils, tableware, if the oil is too heavy, you can first wipe off the oil with paper, and then rinse.

2. Use wash rice water, boil noodle soup, spend the night tea cleans bowl chopsticks, can go oily, save water and essence of clean up.

3. Wash bilge or oily dirty much place, can use the tea bag that had been used first (had washed and bake dry) touch a bit ripe oil daub dirty place, reoccupy the dishcloth that takes scour next is wiped, easy decontamination.

4. When cleaning vegetables, do not directly clean under the faucet, as far as possible into the water container, and adjust the cleaning order, such as: you can have the skin of the vegetables for peeling, mud, and then clean; First, wash the leaves, fruits and vegetables, and then wash the root vegetables.

5. Don’t thaw food with running water.

6. The toilet USES water-saving faucet and water-saving toilet.