Why is water one of the strangest things in the universe?

A lot of people will be surprised when I say that water is the strangest thing in the universe because from the human point of view we have, it seems completely normal to have so much water. But of course, in addition to all the crazy discoveries we’re going to make in the next few decades, water seems boring! But H2O is a strange molecule. One day we may explain our abundance of water to intelligent alien species, and their only response is: “WTF! ”

Here are some reasons why water is such a special molecule:

When water freezes, the space between its molecules expands, allowing it to float as a liquid. Water is the only known natural substance in this property. Think about it… Why do solids float above their liquid forms? In general, when a substance freezes, its molecules contract closer to each other than from each other, and less, or rather, the crystal structure formed when water molecules freeze takes up more space than the same number of molecules in liquid water. As we can see today, this anomaly formed the earth. Liquid water seeps into the rocks and, when it freezes, it is enough to break them.

The high surface tension of liquid water allows small animals, such as insects, to cross its surface. These animals don’t fall into their depths because the surface tension of water is important compared to other liquids.

Water adhesion and adhesion. By inference # 2, water has an incredible ability to keep itself real, and life on earth has evolved to use it. Water is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, so its chemical name is H2O. Two hydrogen atoms are strongly attracted to the oxygen atoms in the surrounding water molecules. For this reason, water essentially resists gravity. There are many examples: the water in our blood allows nutrients and oxygen to circulate through all the smaller blood vessels. The same mechanism pumps water from the soil to the top of all living plants. Without this, radiators, pipes, irrigation systems and garden hoses would not be as effective.

Water is a universal solvent. Instead of insisting on himself alone, he insists on and dissolves almost everything he comes into contact with. Water is such a good solvent that it is almost impossible to get a 100% pure sample in the laboratory. It at least partially dissolves everything it touches. Table salt, made of a crystal of sodium chloride, readily dissolves in water as a hydrogen bond to repel calcium carbonyl chloride, allowing them to float freely in the liquid. Almost all known compounds and minerals dissolve at least to some degree in water. So water is one of the most reactive and corrosive chemicals we know!

As we know, water is very important to life. In fact, water dissolves various nutrients and other ingredients and transports them into our bodies. The basic molecules of life – DNA, proteins, molecules that make cell membranes, etc. -no water, no work. Evolution has shaped these complex molecules, making some parts hydrophilic and easy to mix with, while others are hydrophobic and avoid water. Billions of protein molecules in the body can only bend into the right shape because their interaction with water pushes them into the right three-dimensional shape.

Without water, there would be no life. We have an example of a planet that contains life, the earth. The universe is so large that we’re beginning to believe that planets rich in liquid water must be very rare. But maybe in the future we’ll find other planets that look like liquid water. Perhaps at that moment we will realize that if water is strange, it is certainly not as rare in the universe as we think it is today!