Where does the water on the earth come from?

approximately 30% of the earth is land, however about 70% is ocean. there may be also a large quantity of water frozen within the Antarctic and the Arctic, and it is a good query from wherein the water comes from. Scientists were thinking about this for a long time. we are still not certain, but it is able to be a aggregate of two places.

allow us to begin with how the Earth and different planets fashioned. at the beginning, there has been a huge quantity of dust and rocks in the universe. Gravity shrinks the clouds, and the solar and planets shape.

There are water-containing minerals within the unique dirt and rocks. The earth becomes particularly warm whilst it’s far shaped. It melted and formed many volcanoes. The water in the rock paperwork steam that ejects from the volcano, forming a huge cloud that cools after which rains. this is the supply of some water.
on the equal time, the preliminary dirt and rock clouds include many rocks made up of ice, like huge snowballs. They nonetheless have plenty to show across the solar. We name it a comet. whilst the planets fashioned, billions fell at the floor and melted. The relaxation of the water comes from there. Of direction, there may be nonetheless quite a few water coming from other components of the universe, coming to Earth inside the form of meteors.

                                                                                                                                                Meteor brings water

The question now’s how water was originally formed in the universe? this is any other large trouble, however the simple answer is: water is made of hydrogen and oxygen atoms. The atom is a tiny thing of the universe – even in case you and i are made up of atoms. The hydrogen atoms in the water were shaped inside the large Bang. The oxygen atoms had been later fashioned inside the stars. they come together to form water.
consequently, our water is ancient and valuable. The water you drink can also come from outer space. let us cherish it.