What is P-test-butyl Benzoic Acid

P-test-butyl benzoic acid (PTBBA) is a colorless needle crystal or crystalline powder. It is a crucial natural synthesis intermediate widely utilized in chemical synthesis, cosmetics, flavors, and fragrances, and so forth., together with alkyd resin. Improvers, slicing oils, lubricant additives, food preservatives, stabilizers for polyethylene.


The synthesis technique of p-test-butyl benzoic acid, at present, the prevailing synthesis method is oxidative synthesis, mainly together with the solventless oxidation method, nitric acid oxidation method, liquid-segment catalytic oxidation method, potassium permanganate oxidation approach, microwave synthesis technique high-temperature gasoline segment oxidation approach. These methods are all based totally on p-test-but toluene.

Use of p-test-butyl benzoic acid:

P-take a look at-butyl benzoic acid is an important natural synthesis intermediate. Its most important applications are:

1. Used as a modifier for the production of alkyd resins;

2. Used as reducing oil and lubricating oil additive; used as polypropylene nucleating agent;

3. Used as a food preservative;

4. p-tert-butyl benzoic acid may be used as a regulator of polyester polymerization;

5. The phosphonium salt, sodium salt, zinc salt and the like of p-test-butyl benzoic acid may be used as a stabilizer for polyethylene;

6. p-tert-butyl benzoic acid also can be used as an additive for automotive deodorants, an outer movie of oral tablets, alloy preservatives, lubricating components, polypropylene nucleating agents, polyvinyl chloride warmness stabilizers, metalworking cutting fluids, anti- Oxygen agents, alkyd resin improvers, fluxes, dyes, and new sunscreens;

7. P-check-butyl benzoic acid is likewise used in the production of methyl p-take a look at-butyl benzoate, that’s extensively utilized in chemical synthesis, cosmetics, flavors, and fragrances.


storage of p-test-butyl benzoic acid:

Storehouses storing p-test-butyl benzoic acid should be stored ventilated and dried at low temperatures; they have to be stored one after the other from robust oxidants and strong bases.

The first-useful resource measures the usage of p-take a look at-butyl benzoic acid:

1. This product is moderately toxic. The oral LD50 of rats is 568 mg/kg.

2. If inhaled, circulate the patient to clean air. If respiratory stops, perform synthetic breathing. Are searching for scientific attention directly.

3. In case of pores and skin contact, rinse with cleaning soap and lots of water. Straight away, take the affected person to the sanatorium. Are seeking medical attention quickly.

4. In case of eye touch, rinse very well with masses of water for as a minimum 15 mins and are searching for a scientific recommendation right away.

5. if you misuse it, do not provide whatever to the unconscious person via the mouth. Rinse with water. Seek medical interest immediately.

capacity fitness results of p-test-butyl benzoic acid:

1. Inhalation of p-check-butyl benzoic acid is harmful to health and may purpose breathing infection.

2. swallowing and swallowing p-tert-butyl benzoic acid is detrimental to the human frame.

3. p-tert-butyl benzoic acid touch with the pores and skin if absorbed through the pores and skin could be poisonous, may also motive pores and skin infection.

4. P-take a look at-butyl benzoic acid reasons eye infection.