Three Irresistible Reasons for Choosing Ceramic Bearings

At present, in the whole bearing market, the ceramic bearing is often criticized as too high price and high use cost, but in many fields, the ceramic bearing is a big choice that many people have to consider.

According to the current market data, the market growth rate of ceramic bearings, especially all-ceramic bearings, will reach 11% in 2023, which is very unusual.

Meager temperature resistance

Ceramic bearing not only has excellent corrosion resistance but also can well adapt to the application requirements of high temperature and low-temperature environment. Shallow temperatures can hurt the viscosity of lubricants, such as burns caused by inadequate lubrication. However, the use of ceramic bearings, which can be used generally without oil in low-temperature pumps, can enable researchers to avoid the problem of regular operation of bearings affected by the change of lubricant viscosity. In this case, the ceramic bearing can be used in all kinds of the liquid pump.

Apply to MRI

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an imaging technique that is usually associated with a hospital MRI scanner. Any device used in these scanners must be non-magnetic, so it is not appropriate to use steel bearings, while non-magnetic ceramic bearings are very suitable for use in NMR scanners.

To be cleaner

Standard steel bearings contain lubricants that can be dispersed to the outside environment, weakening the ability to control dust-free conditions. However, ceramic bearing materials can be made very smooth, almost no friction, so it can achieve no lubricant work, making the workshop cleaner.

The advantages of ceramic bearings do not mean that they can replace steel bearings, but should be selected according to the specific use. After years of experience, Eric Bearing Co., Ltd. has a good understanding of the bearing performance and usage and is committed to providing customers with the best bearing experience.