The world’s only underwater tower – tianjin radio and television tower

Is the landmark building of tianjin has a lot of, there are too many impressive buildings in tianjin: tianjin eye, five avenue, jiefang porcelain house, etc., is played, a lot of people like to say today the landmark building of, is the guinness ten views “tower XuanYun” tower of radio and television tower (tianjin), is also the world’s only water tower!

The tower is located in the southwest of tianjin city, at the concourse of neigong bridge south, zijin mountain road and weijin south road in hexi district. The tower covers an area of 20 hectares, with a total height of 415.2 meters. It is the third tallest tower in China after “xiaoman waist” in guangzhou and “Oriental pearl tower” in Shanghai.

It is one of the ten scenic spots in jinmen, far away from the water park. National 4A scenic spot, one of the landmark buildings in tianjin.

The water park

It was the tallest tower in Asia when it was built in 1991. In 1995, it became one of the world’s tallest towers.

Its largest diameter than the world’s tallest tower – Canada’s Toronto television tower is more than 2 meters, can be called the world’s largest.

Tower set tourism, catering, entertainment, radio and television and other functions in one, the biggest difference with other high-rise buildings is the function of signal transmission. Television, FM radio, all benefit from the launch function of the tower. To this day, the signal transmission function of the sky tower still benefits the whole of tianjin.

In the tower, there is a lookout hall and a revolving restaurant: the 270-meter-high sightseeing platform is the focus of the scenic area of the sky tower, and it is also the most suitable place to see the night view of tianjin when the lights are on at night.

Why is the world’s only underwater tower, once the tallest in Asia, now in decline?

In the observation hall, you can have a panoramic view of the surrounding area for hundreds of miles with the help of telescopes in every corner. In the distance, there is a spacious and beautiful central square, a tall and beautiful international shopping mall, a panoramic view of the water park nearby, and many tall buildings in the distance.

See Olympic sports center and tianjin gymnasium above, it is a small point, really like its nickname – “water drop”.

The revolving restaurant is on the third floor, which can accommodate 2000 people at the same time. The restaurant can rotate around in about 50 minutes, and even if you sit down, you can still enjoy the beautiful scenery of tianjin.