The Future of Needle Bearing Enterprises under the High Pressure Of Environmental Protection

With the improvement of people’s quality of life, people have higher and higher requirements for environmental protection, and more and more efforts have been made to investigate and deal with them. Taking the machinery manufacturing industry as an example, with the emission, waste gas pollution, dust, noise, groundwater pollution and so on being included in the critical inspection objects, many enterprises that ignore environmental protection problems are ordered to stop production, which leads to a large-scale “stop production tide.” As a segment of the manufacturing industry, the bearing industry has not been spared. It is reported that under the severe pressure of environmental protection, the current bearing enterprises have stopped production. However, there are two sides to everything. If an enterprise fails to do an excellent job on the same issue, it must have excellent performance. Among them, as an outstanding representative of the latter, an enterprise has survived the wave entirely and obtained further development.

This bearing enterprise saw that environmental protection would become a significant prerequisite for future economic development a few years ago. Therefore, it is committed to building the company into an environment-friendly enterprise, investing a lot to build an active sewage treatment system, and taking extraordinary measures to control the discharge of hazardous waste gas and noise in the car, to create a pleasant working environment for employees. Also, in the operation of the company, it even takes an uncompromising and strict attitude towards environmental protection. It applies it to the management of suppliers – for some suppliers whose ecological protection requirements are not up to standard, it takes timely stripping measures to prevent risks. For those useful resources, M & A measures should be considered and incorporated into the company’s operation.

It is under the leadership of such an advanced development strategy that this bearing company can maintain annual growth of no less than 20%. Among them, in the fields of generator, hydraulic torque converter, gearbox, air conditioning compressor, throttle, caliper, ABS, etc., it also maintains a complete set with domestic and foreign leading enterprises in the subdivided industry, providing them with products such as needle roller bearing, precision shaft sleeve and various precision pins with leading cost and excellent quality. At the same time, as an additional service, the company also provides free inspection and maintenance of large machines and bearings.

Therefore, from the successful experience of this bearing company, the market is always the survival of the fittest, to comply with the market trend, face-up, in the future to survive and develop under high pressure!