Study on finishing process of waterborne coatings

With the increase of attention to environmental protection in all walks of life, furniture enterprises also put the “oil to water” plan on the agenda, and in the “oil to water” development of the biggest bottleneck is the drying problem of water-based paint. Because water is the main dispersion medium in waterborne coatings, the dryness of waterborne coatings is more easily affected by temperature and humidity than solvent-based coatings. Therefore, how advanced coating technology, drying equipment and waterborne wood coating perfect combination, in order to obtain the best drying efficiency, is now the biggest problem

Waterborne wood coatings are water-based solvents, which can greatly reduce the volatile organic solvents in the coating and reduce the fire hazard in the construction process. Waterborne wood coatings in Europe and the United States and other countries has become a best-selling product in the market, in China has quietly arisen. Lacquer film quality is crucial to the surface quality of high-grade furniture, will decide furniture market competition ability to a great extent. Therefore, it has important application value to study the finishing process of waterborne wood coatings.

Environmental requirements for waterborne coatings

The first, the temperature that waterborne coating USES cannot under 15 Celsius. Because waterborne resin has the lowest film forming temperature, if the temperature is too low, then it will affect the film forming property, and even the final performance of furniture products have adverse effects.

The 2nd, the humidity that waterborne coating USES cannot exceed 70%. Because the water-based coating contains a certain amount of water, if the humidity is too large, it is difficult to volatilize the water, eventually making the coating film drying speed is too slow, and the hardness is not high, coating film white, its luster is not stable.

Third, the water-based coating to be dry environment. In the process of waterborne coating to dry, need to ensure clean and no dust, to ensure good ventilation conditions, should not be placed in the closed space, the surface of the coating film is not dry is not allowed to be placed in the wind to dry, to avoid excessive wind and make the coating dry too fast resulting in paint film cracking.

The waterborne coating adopts modern spraying technology

In the upgrading of environmental protection materials, due to the particularity of the appearance and structure of solid wood furniture, the requirement of coating process is higher, so the new environmental protection coating with high performance and excellent quality is needed. At present, according to the investigation of 95% of the enterprises have used environmentally friendly paint, which use water-based paint proportion of more than 75%.

Among them, environmental protection and performance of two-component water-based coating has been a number of leading domestic furniture enterprises widely used and recognized by consumers. In the environmental protection coating that the furniture company that is visited USES, paint of two-component ability in swimming USES proportion highest, 42% the enterprise regards coating of two-component ability in swimming as the first selection of coating technology of environmental protection of medium and high end real wood furniture.

Now a lot of furniture factory using electrostatic spraying modern spraying technology, and ordinary brush coating, spraying, electrostatic spraying not only paint film plump, strong adhesion, decorative good, but also greatly reduce the spray paint fog, reduce environmental pollution, improve the working conditions, to ensure the health of the coating workers.

Even the interior personnel of furniture company expresses, coating of ability in swimming is to say from operating level is basic and mature, many household enterprises can have the target ground to undertake craft is transformed, upgrade, the mechanization besmear that waits for more environmental protection through UV besmear, water is installed besmear will replace artificial, raise the rate of profit of furniture company greatly.

Low odor, high hardness, scratch resistance, yellowing resistance, stain resistance, high fullness is the most important reason for furniture enterprises to choose water-based paint. Especially real wood furniture, because of the particularity of its appearance design and material selection, the requirements for coating process are higher, especially the need for water-based paint this kind of high-performance new environmental protection paint. In actual sales, as consumers are generally willing to pay for products with better appearance and performance, furniture enterprises will also tend to popularize the advantages of high-performance environment-friendly coating in quality, performance and appearance to consumers.

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