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Recently marketing, began to send the extreme high temperature, although some sensational words and figure, but for this “exaggeration” I do think not, for environmental protection this concept, I was the more sensational can really cause the attention of more people (just like the security environment, not to say the area has 300 thieves, you hide your wallet is not. When Mr. An was working at greenpeace, he was basically brainwashing me every day (but I still couldn’t be a vegetarian), so we always added 10 points for “environmental friendly”. Fortunately, more and more enterprises have made their own efforts in environmental protection to help the world to be destroyed later (although human beings will be destroyed sooner or later).

In case you didn’t know, the fashion industry has been listed as the second biggest environmental polluter in the world. Apart from the abuse of fur and other animal products, common dyeing and washing and chemical fiber materials are also sources of environmental pollution. In order to deal with public doubts and reflect the social responsibility of the enterprise, kering group set up a sustainable development team in 2012. The team director was involved in the activities of many non-governmental organizations in China.

After being appointed by kering, it was hard work to find the balance between profit, fashion and environmental protection. The director, marie-claire Daveu, has gradually pushed kering’s brands to experiment with innovative and environmentally friendly materials to reduce energy and water consumption, as well as gem-mining and modeling health agreements. GUCCI announced this spring and summer no longer use fur, perhaps also cannot leave the role of this team.

When it comes to eco-friendly fashion brands, if Stella McCartney is one, no one can say two.


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In March 2018, Stella McCartney bought back 50 percent of her shares from kering group, demonstrating her determination to stay green. Not to mention the fact that the fabric and production process of the designed garments are “sustainable”, the handle and durability of the bags are not inferior to natural leather. Even the store decoration, also do as far as possible to use recycled wood and organic materials, environmental protection will be implemented in one.

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Of course, there is also the Swiss bag Freitag, all made of truck canopy waterproof tarpaulin recycled, natural old, and there is no the same style, personality and reflects the humanistic concern for nature, simply can not reflect the “recyclable” the theme of the single product. The main reason it’s so hard for me to do this is probably because it’s too heavy…


The designer brothers who created the Freitag brand have since come up with 100 percent biodegradable jeans that contain the least amount of chemicals and don’t feel like they “just disappear in the backyard.”

Recently, I like the team uniforms of team sky after watching this year’s tour DE France. Eight million tons of plastic are released into the oceans every year, and if nothing changes, by 2050 the amount of plastic in the oceans will exceed the total weight of fish. To call attention to the Marine environment, team Sky has teamed up with Sky Ocean Rescue to launch a special 2018 tour DE France shirt.

Team sky and Ocean rescue have also teamed up to create a sculpture of an orca made from recycled plastic, which is now on display in the UK, to show the dangers of plastic to the Ocean. (orcas use the same amount of plastic that is thrown into the Ocean every second.)

Sky racing has also pledged to give up single-use plastic packaging for commercial use by 2020. This has a huge impact on the team, which means the use of water bottles, energy packs and all plastic products will be affected. It’s really remarkable. I feel like I can put one in as a souvenir (I can’t wear it on the wall anyway… !

Generally speaking, cycling is also a kind of low-carbon and environment-friendly way to travel, but the domestic understanding of cycling tour is not deep, there is not even a sports website or sports station broadcast the tour, watching a game is also very humiliating to download live software is drunk. Hope (under the guidance of flying pig teacher) everyone also know more about this sport.

Do you have any other good and environment-friendly products that you can recommend to grow grass?