New trend of steel office furniture industry in 2020

With the rapid development of the steel office furniture industry in recent years, along with the emergence of new design concepts, raw materials, and technology, the industry began to undergo dramatic changes.

1 personalized customization

With the rise of the new generation of consumer groups, their group character characteristics of seeking individuality and self gradually appear, which also causes the change of consumption concept. The new generation of consumer groups reject the same and different products, and they prefer customized products with unique characteristics.

For office workers, either at home or in the office, with the change of enterprise management concept, office workers have higher and higher requirements for the health, environmental protection, and comfort of steel office furniture. Therefore, the steel office furniture should not only be environmentally friendly but also conform to the characteristics of ergonomics, to bring users a better user experience.

2 independent design

Steel office furniture industry is bound to shift from mass production to brand. We began to design products independently, create our own product features, and add brand added value to our products. Take the market demand as the guidance, push through the old, and bring forth the new.

Luoyang CBNT Steel Cabinet Co., Ltd., an industrial enterprise of foreign trade combining design, development, production, and sale of steel office furniture, which founded in 2009. locates in Zhongguo industrial area, Luoyang city, Henan province, China. Primary products, including steel filing cabinet, locker, office desk, pedestal, compactor, goods rack, are mainly exported to more than 50 countries from Europe, America, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East. Total exports of the same industry rank top in Henan province.