Nano Silicon Dioxide SiO2 Powder 10-40nm

Nano  SiO2 Powder



Technical Parameters




Specific surface area(m2/g)

Volume density(g/cm3)


Crystal form










Note: according to user requirements of nano particle can provide different size products.

Product performance

        1 There are a lot of unsaturated surface residual button and different bonding state of hydroxyl groups, so it have high reactivity, easy to scatter;

        2 Nano silicon oxides using sol-gel, synthesis of small, uniform particle size, controllable in the system, the use of different, can company of surface treatment packages, nano silicon powder can steadily in solvent system, form transparent or translucent sol colloid;

        3 To ultraviolet light and presents high reflection characteristics of uv wavelengths (200 ~ 70% of the reflectivity 280nm) ~ 80%, For in the uv wave (280 ~ 80% of the reflectivity 400nm) ~85%, In visible (400-800nm) reflectivity 85%, The band of 800-1350 near infrared reflectance also higher than 70%.

Application direction

        1 Rubber modified, sealant ceramic toughening modification, adhesives, functional fiber additive, plastic modification, paint aging additives;

        2 Ceramics, nano ceramic, composite ceramic substrate;

        3 Polymer: can increase the thermal stability and anti-aging polymer;

        4 Flame retardant materials and coatings, high grinding medium, cosmetic products;

        5 In cluster butyl benzene and chlorinated polyethylene adding a small amount of nano SiO2 produce color rubber tenacity, elongation, strength, flexural performance and ultraviolet resistance and thermal aging performance and achieve or exceed epdm;

        6 In traditional coating adding a small amount of nano silicon oxides, good solve the suspension stability, thixotropy and poor, poor finish.

Storage conditions

        This product should be stored in dry, cool and sealing of the environment, can not be exposure to air, in addition should avoid the heavy pressure, according to ordinary goods transportation.

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