IUCN: The global marine protected area continues to expand

the arena Conservation Union, the United nations environment program and the national Geographic Society lately at the same time launched the “defensive the Earth file 2018” (hereinafter called the “record”), and carried out a statistical evaluation of the construction of the worldwide terrestrial and marine blanketed areas in 2018, and considered the applicable government. policy makers offer reference for the improvement of protected place policies.

in keeping with the file, after implementing effective safety measures, more than 20 million square kilometers of land region and almost 27 million rectangular kilometers of marine region have been specific as covered regions, accounting for 15% of land region and seven% of ocean place. it’s miles a step closer to reaching the “Aichi Biodiversity target eleven” proposed via the United nations (ie, by 2020, 17% of the world’s terrestrial and inland waters and 10% of coastal and marine regions can be set up as covered areas). among them, the insurance of the worldwide marine blanketed areas continued to expand, and the growth charge become notably fast, highlighting the growing emphasis on marine environmental protection.

according to the report, in 2018, the vicinity of ​​global terrestrial included areas improved from 14.7% in 2016 to 14.9%, with a mild growth. but, the location of ​​marine protected areas has grown swiftly and the growth charge is also big. in step with facts, the location of ​​international marine protected regions has accelerated from 3.8% in 2016 to 7% in 2018, and the place of ​​marine protected regions in the territorial waters of numerous nations has expanded from 10.2% to 16.eight%. consistent with the file, this suggests that governments are working hard to obtain countrywide commitments to promote the UN’s 2020 global blanketed vicinity dreams.

In terms of essential areas of biodiversity, the report states that as of 2018, 21% of the sector’s crucial areas of biodiversity are completely protected through included regions. specially, the safety of vital areas of biodiversity along the coast has made superb progress. in step with records, a complete of 15.9% of the marine (different financial region) crucial areas of biodiversity are placed in covered regions. From 2010 to 2018, the insurance of protected areas in important areas of marine biodiversity elevated rapidly, from five% to fifteen.nine%.