How to choose good environmentally friendly building materials!

Choosing good building materials can extend their service life and reduce economic expenses. How to choose trustworthy building materials and low-carbon environmentally-friendly building materials in the process of decorating and decorating new houses is a problem that consumers are very upset. Here, we will introduce how to choose environmentally-friendly building materials.
1. Choose a famous brand
Choose a furniture mall with a high reputation or good after-sales service. Try to choose solid wood furniture. If you choose furniture made of composite board or plywood, you should choose a well-known brand of products. It depends on whether there is a result of the inspection by the quality supervision department, especially the detection result of formaldehyde. Smell if there is a pungent smell.

2, materials should be environmentally friendly
For consumers, the choice of furniture, environmental protection is the primary indicator. Many furniture manufacturers claim that their furniture is absolutely environmentally friendly and absolutely green, but it does not write the corresponding indicators into the contract. If you want to buy environmentally friendly furniture, you must pay attention. At present, there is no special standard for environmentally-friendly furniture in China. When consumers purchase furniture, if the economic conditions permit, natural and elegant solid wood furniture can be the first choice. If you buy furniture made of artificial board, you should pay attention to whether it smells irritating and smells too much. If the smell is too large, it means that formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals are excessive. Furniture made of natural materials such as rattan and bamboo is also a good choice.

3, pay attention to furniture details
You can touch the edge of the furniture is tight, the moisture content of the material is too high. Because the strict edge sealing will seal the free formaldehyde in the plate, it will not pollute the indoor air. The furniture with too high moisture content not only has the quality problem, but also increases the release rate of formaldehyde. In addition, if the purchased furniture has caused pollution to the indoor air, in addition to indoor ventilation, you can also purchase some “formaldehyde adsorbents” to eliminate the formaldehyde released into the air by the furniture.
4, smell when you choose furniture

See if there is a strong Liu scent inside. If you are buying branded furniture, you can ask the sales staff, ask them to explain the smell properly, and check the quality certificate. If it passes the national inspection, some smells are inevitable with paint, drilling, etc., go home. After opening the door for a while, it can be eliminated.
Do not choose furniture in the morning, because the manufacturer ventilates the furniture at night, so the pungent taste of the furniture in the morning is very small. If you go in the evening, the taste of inferior furniture can be easily exposed.
How to choose good environmentally friendly building materials!
5, do not be deceived by the merchant
At the time of purchase, a contract must be signed that meets the requirements of the national hazardous substances limit standard. This is not only the manufacturer’s commitment to consumers, but also provides a basis for consumers to protect their own interests. In order to pursue profits, some small manufacturers use the method of stealing the column to deceive consumers. At the time of delivery, ‘transfer’. Therefore, when purchasing, the furniture contract must be clearly written. For example, the board must be marked as superior or imported. In addition, it must be indicated whether it is 100% used, and whether the large brand of the panel or the slab is used. .