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Cashing services that can be in use in full-time housewife

Posted by Andrew Alday on October 25, 2012 in Family financial |

When I think to make use of the streets, such as the free loan, it must be equipped with the profession, such as there is a regular income. Previously, I did not even do, but now it is possible that the law of the Money Lending Business Law was amended, people unemployed will no longer be able to become a subscriber.

This is partly that it has been highly publicized, also for cash of credit card “instead it decided to borrow the money can not be used because he is not that it is unemployed?” And the people think you have quite a lot. Because of course the story of the credit card is no if cash does not exist fundamentally, there will be in that difficult and that’s unemployed in making a credit card. However, since the unemployed people in the law as a free loan does not mean that stipulate the bad, in the case of a credit card is to probably be passing the examination in people unemployed.

A typical example is the full-time housewife. Profession of housewife does not exist, it will be unemployed if you apply for a credit card. If a free loan is unemployed that does not pass through the 100 percent examination. However, in the case of credit cards, so it is also often the examination OK at the discretion of the card company, as long as it is a cash service that uses a credit card, even a person as a result unemployed, you will be able to achieve the objective .

It should be noted that when a person of unemployed apply for credit cards, set of credit card caching frame is impossible. This is the relationship between law that explains earlier, even if the credit card, if you are accompanied by a service where you can borrow the cash is what is it is unemployed caught by the regulations of the law that it is useless. However, the fact that the shopping frame if OK, in that case you will be credit card only shopping frame is provided is created.

Cash credit card, thus can be had by utilizing shopping frame service that can get the cash. Since the so-called laws and card company is a revolutionary way that does not assume, the law can not use people unemployed is at this stage does not exist.

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