Focus on climate change and the current status of polar bears

February 27 of every year is the “international Polar undergo Day.” The competition became installation to remind anybody to be aware of the survival of polar bears and the Arctic ecology.

The unique document on international Warming 1.5 stages, posted with the aid of the United international locations Intergovernmental Panel on climate exchange (IPCC) in 2018, explains why the global effort is to maintain the temperature increase within 1.five stages Celsius. The IPCC 1.five diploma special file conveys a clean sign to the international network that weather action is forthcoming and urges governments to accelerate movement on weather governance. The report talked about that the global temperature upward push of one.five ° C and 2 ° C weather impact difference is good sized, whilst the temperature rise exceeds 1.five ° C to attain 2 ° C stages will carry more devastating outcomes, such as habitat loss, ice cap melting, sea level upward thrust waiting for threats to the survival and development of mankind can even bring extra damage to the sector economic system.

The international Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) predicts that the variety of worldwide polar bears may be decreased with the aid of more than 30% with the aid of 2050 because of the loss of sea ice habitat, which is one of the many outcomes of climate trade.

today is the worldwide Polar undergo Day. allow’s share a picture of the polar bear and be aware of the living situations of the polar undergo and the Arctic ecology.

Because of the warming climate, polar bears have to enter the human life area to find food.