Development of Jilongpo cellular Lightweight Concrete

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia and the largest city in Malaysia. It has the reputation of “the world’s tin capital and plastic capital.” Surrounded by hills and mountains on three sides to the west, north, and east, the Klang River passes through the city. Although it has the tallest building in the world and many large buildings in outstanding style, many historical sites are well preserved. Kuala Lumpur cleverly combines new development designs with old traditions. Now, it is no longer a small river mouth, but the capital of Malaysia and the largest city. It is also the political, economic, financial, commercial, and cultural center of Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur is a very inclusive city. Modern, modern, white-collar workers in suits and leather suits shuttle between the skyscrapers of the glass facade; some people say that it is a metropolis that reflects the old and the new, blending oriental colors with western civilization. It has both the modern style and the style of modern cities. Old and charming, typical Muslim buildings, Chinese-style houses, and British colonial buildings are dotted in the city, and modern high-rise buildings echo the historic village. At the same time, it also has a diverse culture. The Malay Village, Chinatown, and India Street coexist and depend on each other.

Kuala Lumpur is dominated by finance, insurance, real estate wholesale, retail, restaurants, hotels, transportation, communications, and public services. China has vigorously developed the real estate infrastructure industry, which has stimulated economic growth and increased social employment. People who have been to Kuala Lumpur have found that the architecture of Kuala Lumpur is unique. The 88-story twin towers of the world’s two highest connected buildings are 452 meters from the city skyline. It is the first landmark of Kuala Lumpur. Quiet, very deterrent.

There is also the Kuala Lumpur Tower on Coffee Hill, with a height of 421 meters, which is the highest in Asia and the fourth tallest communication tower in the world. The Kuala Lumpur Tower can be said to be the highest tower in South Asia and the fourth highest communications tower in the world. Its wind-resistant structure makes it able to withstand winds of up to 90 miles per hour and is a member of the World Federation of Famous Towers. Visitors can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the entire Kuala Lumpur and Bar Sang Valley from the observation deck and revolving restaurant at the highest point of the tower.

The famous Independence Square is where the Malaysian flag flutters and is a symbol of the independence of Malay West from British rule.

At the construction site of various construction projects, we saw a lot of equipment and machines making lightweight foam concrete. At that time, people said that this kind of lightweight foam concrete is thin and good for heat insulation on roofs. It can play a useful role in heat insulation.

Careful observation shows that the preparation of this lightweight foam concrete is carried out by using machinery and equipment to first foam, dilute the foaming agent and then pour it into the foaming machine, blow it into the computer through an air compressor, and then a large amount of huge Fine foam. Add these excellent foams to the cement slurry and stir well, and finally pump it out and pour it on the roof to flatten it and let it dry naturally. There are other places where we see this foamed concrete slurry for subgrade and backfilling of small islands. This kind of lightweight concrete is particularly widely used locally.

After careful inquiry, I know that most of the foaming agents used in this kind of lightweight concrete are imported from abroad. There is no local production of this foaming agent. They said that many manufacturers in China produce this type of foamed concrete. Cheap, cheap transportation, and fast timeliness. Most of them are purchased from Tongrun Company. The price is quite high. The website address can be provided to everyone. If necessary, you can directly contact