After the renovation of the sewage treatment plant, it is supposed to be so beautiful.

A lot of people smell “dirty” color change, think sewage plant is a dirty smelly pronoun – “that place is a pile of gray cement building? And the air there is filled with Chou (thick) qi (qi) xun (tian)…

I think that’s because, in a weak way, people who think that have never really seen a beautiful high-tech sewage plant.

I think your idea of a sewage plant is like this…

But really, a sewage plant can be an architectural work of art…

In Budapest, Hungary, there’s a¬†sewage plant called nanpais…

There’s a beautiful greenhouse water treatment garden in Etyek Hungary…

In Seattle, USA, there is a sewage plant called mingshui!

This is actually a sewage plant can hold a wedding!

In the United States near New York City, there is a center called Omega sustainable ecology sewage garden!

There is a deep water purification plant called Oxnard in California!

Next to Yale university in the United States, there is a sewage plant called Whitney’s face to eat!

There is a beautiful running water park in chengdu, sichuan!

In guangdong heyuan, there is also a sewage garden!

In the heart of Jakarta, Indonesia, one is being built…

Do you still think of a sewage plant as a stink tank?

However, the sewage plant is not only a work of art, but also a high-tech base!


The new generation of wastewater plants not only gives architects room for innovation, but also is a paradise for scientists and engineers.

Did you know that sewage can be turned into natural gas?

Did you know that sewage plants can turn into this green alginate processing plant?

Did you know that sewage plants can produce recycled plastics?

Do you know that sewage plants can produce all kinds of raw materials?

Did you know that even Bill Gates goes around the sewage plant all day?

Now do you finally know why I went to the sewage plant?

Because there can learn the solar energy knowledge!

See the cool wind turbines!

To be imaginative in the creation of a variety of crossover wizards before the invention!

At the same time, such a beautiful sewage plant can also become an educational center for teenagers, as shown in the picture of a sewage plant in Boston.