Infrastructure Changes to Keep a Historical Building Truly Historical

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Our new air conditioning system on the roof of the historical building came with some logistical issues for maintenance. The manicured lawns and landscaping were kept in pristine condition, and we had people touring the building every day. The inside was retrofitted to provide AC that was unseen. We were clever in hiding the vents. We did not foresee the problem of access to the units on the flat sections of roof until after the fact. Instead of having maintenance needing to be seen with ladders during tours, we had fixed access ladders installed inside. They are hidden inside closets and lead straight up to the roof.historic-museum-building

They are welded with thick rungs that are easy on the feet. The verticals are round for easy handholds. They are painted a dark brown to look like wood. Even if someone opens the closets and looks inside, it just looks like a wooden ladder at first glance that leads to an attic space. Read more…

Starting My First Job After College

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I have been out of school for about a month. In fact I am still living in Storrs right now and sleeping on the couch of one my buddies from Comp Sci. However I finally got a job, which is going to start at the end of this month. It is not exactly what I am looking for, but it pays quite well. It is particularly more lucrative than sitting around and doing nothing except playing Skyrim and Call of Duty. I spent this morning and I looked at a couple of Manchester connecticut apartments and then I took the train to the place where I am going to work.MOST-STRESSFUL-JOBS Read more…

Leaving the Work Life Behind

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At a suggestion from one of my cousins who knows a lot of interesting ways to make money, I looked at the Ewen Chia reviews for a marketing strategy. My cousin looks for any way to avoid having to take a normal job. He feels that these jobs lock you into a certain role, and you become dependent on them to the point that you don’t leave, even if you have the urge to do so. I can’t say I really disagree with him, but I have been given a steady paycheck by one of these jobs for the past 4 years.

A slew of positive reviews surrounded the Chia name. I couldn’t find a single flaw about it, no matter how hard I looked. Read more…

Learning from the Best in Affiliate Marketing

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If you have never heard of Ewen Chia, then you are obviously not in the online marketing business. Mr. Chia is considered to be the best affiliate in the entire world, and he gets this title because of all the hard work that he has done to make himself the success that he is. He has written a book about how he worked himself from very little to making his first million dollars strictly by doing online work. He also has become so successful that he is able to share his secrets with people who are serious about wanting to enter this very lucrative market. Read more…

Driving My Little Brother Crazy

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My brother graduated high school this year and I had the idea of getting a big present for him. He was going to be away at college soon and he needed some way of getting around. I came up with the perfect idea of getting him a car, but I didn’t have enough money to even get him a used car. I told my friends about my idea, and they told me that I could raise some money online by doing affiliate marketing in the same way that Ewen Chia does. Affiliate marketing was an unknown topic to me, but I didn’t care, as long as I could get the money.

Becoming an affiliate marketer online saved me the trouble of having to get a second job to pay for the car. I would have been working two jobs and getting very little sleep, all while taking classes. Instead, all I had to do was create my own website, and use it to do the marketing. The website handled most of everything, and I just had to do maintenance on it occasional. Read more…

15 Ultimate Indoor Container Gardening Tips

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Whether you’re a front or back yard gardener, you’ll probably encounter the need to expand your garden. Sometimes there’s not enough space outside especially if your lot area is just not too spacious.

These ultimate indoor container gardening tips can help you figure out what to do in case you need more space for new plants or you find the need to also beautify your indoor space.



DIY Greenhouse

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Gardening with limited space and bad weather condition are always a hindrance to growing the plants and vegetables. But there are gardeners who succeed in growing them with the use of DIY greenhouses.

If you are looking for ways to grow your favorite plants or have a plot of vegetables in your backyard, then building a greenhouse can be your best option. Below is an infographic which shows some tips and pros and cons of DIY greenhouses. You will also find a full article with a lot of insights on this subject.


Greenhouse Dreams
Infographic by CustomMade


End of Winter Gardening Preparations

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Backyard gardeners, and all gardeners in general, who live in cold countries need not
dread the ‘greenless spell’ when it comes to their gardens. Winter months may seem
worrisome especially to newbie gardeners because it’s truly hard to look at trees and
plants that are lifeless.

But the cold months can be as productive as springtime, especially when you’re
prepared and geared up for the planting season.

Our contributor, Aldo, suggested this in-depth how-to of preparing your garden during the end of winter to jump-start for the coming season.

They’re also kind enough to share their infographic which you can use as a guide to your end of winter gardening while curled up in your winter PJs.


Grow Your Own Food at Home

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This infographic courtesy of Perrywood Gardens shows the importance of gardening especially when you grow your own food at home. It helps the environment, your well-being, and puts food on your table for your family to enjoy.


Guide on attracting wildlife to your garden

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One of the many reasons why we garden is to have a piece of nature within our very own premises. The sight of butterflies, buzzing bees, birds, frogs, and grasshoppers is a clear indication that you have achieved something that gives back to nature – a haven for its creatures.

Recreating a small habitat for wildlife to thrive is not very difficult to achieve. Small animals and insects will find their way into your garden because they have the ability to sense or locate places that can provide them with food for their survival.

This gardening infographic shows you the ways of attracting wildlife to your garden – from having certain plants to other enticing things to lure them in.


Courtesy of Spalding Plant & Bulb Co.

Infographic contributed by Ella Mason, a freelance writer specialising in wildlife and travel.

Find her on Twitter: @ellatmason

In the Business of Making Desserts

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My first year of owning my own business is almost over, and it wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t stumble upon the name of Ewen Chia. Through Chia, I became aware that I could make money online with marketing methods. I saved the money that I made into a savings account until I enough to open my business. I make cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies, and other kinds of desserts. I’ve always enjoyed cooking, but I wanted to share my special recipes with more people than just my family around the holidays. There’s a lot of work involved with cooking desserts, but I love it.

My favorite dessert to make is the Boston cream pie, and I’m not even from Boston. The dessert is more of a cake than a pie, but it’s still delicious regardless of what it is. The marriage of the creamy center with two layers of cake and a chocolate topping is something that always gets my mouth watering. Read more…

Best New Models of Vaporizers

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So I have a bit of a problem because I am going to buy a vaporizer in the near future, but I do not know which one to buy and I hope that I can go on the web and find some info to help m to resolve my issue. I have been checking out to try to see if I can use this link to resolve my problem. I am not sure if it will completely resolve it though, and at some point, I might just have to make a decision.

I like the idea of having a vaporizer, because I need to have something that is not so harsh on my lungs. Read more…

I Want to Get the Best Deals This Cyber Monday

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I got some incredible deals last year during the Thanksgiving shopping season. I am talking about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. When I compared the sales after it was all said and done, I was surprised at just how much more I saved on my Cyber Monday deals. Since I saved so much more than I was expecting, I decided to focus mostly on Cyber Monday this year. I figured I can find the best Cyber Monday deals for 2015 and stay warm in the process instead of battling the cold along with insane traffic and intense crowds.

There is something that helped me reach this decision, which is a site I found when I was looking at one of my shopping forums. Someone had posted a site that has all of the best Cyber Monday deals, and I of course had to go look at it so I could bookmark it. I was surprised to see that it was already active for this year, even though Cyber Monday is still a ways off. Read more…

Internet is an effective place to be able to compare the cash services of Kureka

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Internet everyone is used as well Information source, which has been used for a variety of services, especially for cash of the credit card, that the Internet is that it has become a place that can be done is a comparison of very valid service a, it is very important that users understand.

But it will have even more of you know, cash of credit card but is a legal legal to, because the credit card companies have banned this service both, is located in the situation it is not possible to make use of the service by openly. Naturally, this and CM activities by, advertising activities commonly performed by not not, and most of it has been deployed on the Internet. However At the same time, the information service to the relative merits and dangerous skill and good supplier selection of the service, since it is available on the Internet, it is, cash credit card user to these full advantage It has become very important in performing.

In particularly safe to perform cash credit card, when comparing a large service more benefits, compare the service and that is provided in the Internet, that utilize such ranking site, a valid Internet It will say that use of the method. The cash of the credit card, who are considered to be want to use in a more favorable terms, we can certainly recommend that you are utilizing the information services such as the Internet effectively.
It has a larger advantage in cash to full use of the Internet
If you are that you have use of the cash of the credit card, but is he also who you know, the elements that determine the success or failure of the cash of the credit card, it would be that either select how safely cash skilled in the art. Legal Although the legal, the more the credit card companies are prohibited from use, transactions with secure suppliers will be absolutely necessary condition.

On defended these firmly, it’s that want to do business with good cash suppliers of more services, will no doubt it still is the feelings of as art. These cashing service, better people that would like to use in the conditions, comparison sites and of the Internet, to consider a deal with good skilled in the art that has been featured in such ranking site, a large selection of the most benefits It will be a. Person that it is not good at much scrutiny of information, it is possible to see as much as possible this site, so do the scrutiny of information, greater benefit to the most users to take advantage of such a valid Internet, also safety that is an act to increase the, you must use himself firmly understand.

Reduction rate of the cash is going to use the comparison site of the net

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Information providing site, such as the Internet, this recently has made remarkable progress. The user is also not in the general store, referring to the information such as the Internet, people who buy the products has been very increasing. The same is true for service to borrow money, even the use of loan service consumer finance, etc. do, very many people who use through the Internet.

The situation for this caching, but has become a very useful service, for total regulation is enforced by financial bills, such as in particular lesser of the lower and the annual income of the credit, you can not use enough services There you have as a practical matter. Those who have credit cards with such people, you can how to obtain cash by cashing services using this shopping frame. Although this service is legal I can legally use, in order to credit card companies have banned this use both, there is a disadvantage in that it is not publicly available.

However, when compared to examination without any also use upper limit also caching shopping frame, because it has been made very large frame setting, it would be nice to say a very big advantage is given to the user. In this service, which corresponds to the interest rate referred to in caching, is the element that has been referred to as the reduction rate. For this the reduction rate was purchased by the user products, and credit card company, the remaining price minus the benefit of cashing companies that carry out these services, but is not in the hands of the user, of this user It is the thing which shows the percentage of cash in the hands.

If you ask too high a rate of reduction for this reduction rate, as earlier was also introduced, in order to credit card companies have banned the use of these, if you got in trouble, it works against the very user. Since this is a service that can not be publicly, in the cash suppliers also cage skilled making the vicious commercial law, after recognizing the situation that even users not be publicly, such malicious transactions is carried out for, be chosen very carefully suppliers will have become important in this regard.

Because it gives us a big advantage for either the reduction rate to say of course higher by the user, for the user who uses the cash service, where you want to do business with suppliers that provide us with a higher reduction rate award. In such a case, the comparison site that has been introduced on the Internet as a reference, would be the best choice to choose a high skill in the art of the reduction rate in the. However there is no convincing supporting the information on the Internet, also in order to enhance the authenticity of information, to be a plurality of ranking site reference will be trick to be able to choose the more confidence highly information. If you are considering the cash of the credit card in order to use these services, make sure they take advantage of the more efficient Internet information sites.

Cash navigation details

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Operator information
■ information on this site you can browse your free of is available on all free.

■ For browsing and information gathering of the web site using the Site, information has the necessary legal rights according to whether or not, any method of use due to storage and replication other users of information shall conform to the user’s demand it is whether or not to, we ask that you do so at your own risk your own.

■ per use of this site, it is assumed that it does not matter any responsibility concerning some sort of trouble and loss or damage, etc..

■ legality of web sites and software by this site are introduced, accuracy, morality, recency, relevance, such as licensing and the presence or absence of copyright, about the contents can not offer any guarantee.

■ If you have been moved to other sites by including links and banners from our site, information is provided in the destination site, and does not assume any responsibility for services.

Site name

Cash Navi


Cash Navi Secretariat


Your welcome

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The introduction to this site we will refuse to be published without permission.
Also a personal site, and required to please contact us always consent in corporate site!

Suddenly it becomes necessary money! Absolutely I want to pay in cash! Excellent cash comparison site for anyone who wants.
Please contact me from the inquiry form.
We will reply in a few days.

Even if your inquiry, if the there is a thing I am allowed to refuse.
Site to touch the adult slander-law and I am allowed to withhold. In case it is difficult to judge you can have it as the judgment of the site administrator.

About the handling of personal information

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This site has been determined as follows: the personal information protection policy.

Management of personal information
This site, keeping the personal information of our customers accurate and up to date, and take necessary measures to the development of maintenance and management system of the security system, implement the safety measures you can make strict management of personal information.

Use of personal information
Personal information that was entrusted to us by our customers, we will be available to the e-mail, etc., such as answer or reply of inquiries and questions from customers.

Prohibition of disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties
This site is, unless you are the appropriate to the personal information entrusted to us than our customers in any of the following, we do not disclose personal information to third parties.
■ If there is a consent of the customers
■ If the customer is to be disclosed to skill in the art to which we entrust the business in order to perform the services that are desired
■ If it is necessary to disclose based on laws

Safety measures for personal information
This site, in the management of personal information has taken all possible measures.

Inquiry of the person in question
If the customer is hope and query, modify and delete personal information of the person in question is the exception I can not respond if it can be confirmed that it is a person.
Basic will be removed after inquiry return completion from customers Please note.

During ad Wanted

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For more information from the inquiry form
On this site we are looking for the advertising company like.
It is fine if you contact without any hesitation consultation called “to want me here.”

If you described than inquiry form details we will reply after confirmation than the one in charge.

And I am but «Please note I want it» in cash Navi We are always looking for advertising to take the system to me for a company like that are relevant to the site with priority. In addition, the relevant site in the following and, if the person in charge has let me determined to be not suitable for you might be to forgo the publication Please note.

Adult Adult-related
And religious and other kind
– Fear of certain things that conflict with the law
– Slander, desperation, etc. to the relevant ones
We also look forward to the better of your consideration received your application or consultation.

What is the reduction ratio? !

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For the reduction rates differ in each store
Hurriedly cash needs and it became but “frame of caching also has already run out.” But there is a way to get the cash.
Whether it is but he something that in “cashing a shopping frame” of the credit card, this will What what system?
The maximum amount that can buy has been set to the credit card.
To purchase products of this limit amount, it’s a mechanism that receives a cash Ask purchased the item. First, the user to purchase goods from suppliers. It seems it is often expensive brand-name goods which is easy to resell after the trader is that the commodity. For example, it skilled in the art will purchase the goods that have been purchased at ¥ 450,000 when the product is that it is ¥ 500,000. And something that transfer money to ¥ 450,000 the purchase price to the user. The user can be to hand the cash of ¥ 450,000.

Actually that of the percentage of the amount of money that can be in the hands from the price of the product is referred to as the reduction rate. The reduction rate is the size of each store and the amount of money, it may vary greatly depending on the day of the week and season. So, it’s a important to choose that it was well well your own How to Use.
Well, it will pay a separate interest from the amount of money borrowed originally If you borrow money from the normal financial institutions. Interest rate is also referred to as high if 18 percent from but around 5% there is a difference by the borrower. If it is the repayment of debt every month also not a few cases that would have been chased only to the payment of the interest portion not decrease quite the principal as well. However, cash received in the system of cash of this credit card interest rates because of the price that I had bought a product he does not occur. However, the difference portion of the amount to be credited with the items you get bought becomes the burden on the user. Difference ¥ 50,000 of the amount ¥ 450,000, which I had bought a ¥ 500,000 of goods if referred to in the example becomes negative for the user, and corresponds to the interest portion In terms of normal caching.

When you search on the Internet a variety of suppliers to come out.

Redemption rate of purchase is the difference by skilled in the art to more than 95% is higher from 85% although there. And, caching and loans of financial institutions examination is carried out.
As a result, in some cases you can not borrow money, it does not have such a review in the cash of this credit card. It’s not able to get anyone cash if caching frame of the credit card remains. However, the repayment obligation of the purchase price payment of cash at the same time to a credit card company to have to hand it must not be forgotten that you are experiencing.
It’s what you want have wisely use a system of normal caching and loans as well planned use and repayment plan there is no examination or interest Given the credit card cash.

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