They Built the Best Retaining Wall

Posted by Timothy Castonguay on March 30, 2017 in General with Comments closed |

I found someone who could do masonry in Nassau County NY due to a unique problem my wife and I had with our house. The road that passes our home is positioned in such a way that a lot of people can’t seem to handle the turns. The result is that several times a year we end up with a car or a truck in our front yard. On at least two occasions someone has actually hit our home. You can imagine our concern, especially since we have a couple of toddlers and they can’t play in the front yard without supervision.

A came up with the idea of a retaining wall as a possible solution, but I needed help to get it built. Read more…

A Nice Apartment Just Minutes from Work

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I am not a really picky person, but I am not also someone who settles for something that I just don’t care for. When I looked at apartments for rent in Rio Rancho, I thought it might take me a while because I didn’t want to settle. This was going to be my home for the foreseeable future, and I did not want to regret anything about it. The first thing I did when I went to a website for apartments was look at the pictures. I think just about anyone can tell a lot just by looking at photos.

I know that pictures can hide a lot of flaws, but they cannot hide the overall impression. Read more…

Shaping Up Who I Am Brought About a Better Life for Me

Posted by Timothy Castonguay on December 23, 2016 in General with Comments closed |

I have moved into some apartments in Stone Oak so that I could live closer to family. By family, I mean my brother. We were the only two people left in our once-small family. My parents had left this earth many years earlier. I am lucky that he and I have always been so close. I don’t know what I will do if I ever lose him, too. Moving closer to him opened up a new world to me because I got to meet his friends that he had been hanging around with for a very long time. They were certainly a lot better than the people I had been hanging around with back where I used to live. Read more…

New HVAC Installation for Small Business

Posted by Timothy Castonguay on September 15, 2016 in General with Comments closed |

My company has a broken AC unit in its building, and I guess I should get it replaced, even though I’d rather just forego paying for the replacement. I am kind of cheap like that though, and I know that some expenses have to be paid for, even if you don’t necessarily want to fork out the cash. Anyway, I am looking for info on HVAC installation in NYC and companies that perform such installations. I would like to go ahead and get this taken care of, since I am going to get it done. Might as well not put it off, as nothing good ever comes from procrastinating.

If it were just me, then I probably wouldn’t get a new HVAC system put in the building. Read more…

An Apartment That is Perfect for Us

Posted by Timothy Castonguay on May 17, 2016 in General with Comments closed |

My daughter and I have been on our own for her whole life. She is now 15 years old, and I consider her opinion in any major events in our lives. When I found out that the rent was going up on the house we had been renting, I knew that it was time to look for a new place. I asked her what she thought, and she got pretty excited. She told me that there are apartments for rent in Lewisville TX, which is just the next town over. I was concerned that she would have to change school districts, but she was okay with that. Read more…

A New Spot to Play Pool

Posted by Timothy Castonguay on April 23, 2016 in General with Comments closed |

I usually play pool at a local bar on the weekends for fun. My friends and I get a couple of drinks and pick a table and try our best to beat each other with alcohol flowing through our system. One day the bar closed down because the owner couldn’t afford keep it open. The owner decided to move to another state and left the building behind. We were left without a place to play pool and hang out, until the idea of playing in the Marq in Tampa Florida came up. One of my friends lived in the apartment building, and didn’t tell us before that the building had its own pool table.

This was the reason why our friend was always so good at pool, even while drunk. Read more…

Infrastructure Changes to Keep a Historical Building Truly Historical

Posted by Timothy Castonguay on December 19, 2015 in General, Historic sites with Comments closed |

Our new air conditioning system on the roof of the historical building came with some logistical issues for maintenance. The manicured lawns and landscaping were kept in pristine condition, and we had people touring the building every day. The inside was retrofitted to provide AC that was unseen. We were clever in hiding the vents. We did not foresee the problem of access to the units on the flat sections of roof until after the fact. Instead of having maintenance needing to be seen with ladders during tours, we had fixed access ladders installed inside. They are hidden inside closets and lead straight up to the roof.historic-museum-building

They are welded with thick rungs that are easy on the feet. The verticals are round for easy handholds. They are painted a dark brown to look like wood. Even if someone opens the closets and looks inside, it just looks like a wooden ladder at first glance that leads to an attic space. Read more…

A Deal That Can’t Be Beat

Posted by Timothy Castonguay on January 1, 2017 in General with Comments closed |

I looked into Singapore corporate secretarial services recently as a way to cut business costs. Doing business here is an excellent way to save money, but there is always a way to save more. And saving money in the global economy means staying afloat while your less savvy competitors go under. You have to always be looking to help your bottom line because if you don’t, someone hungrier will figure out a way to to do better than you. It’s amazing the ways you can save money. I try and stay away from laying people off, however, because it’s not in my nature to hurt my employees.

Nevertheless, I found a way to save a lot of money by cutting a critical position in the company. Singapore is an easy place to do business in, but they still have their rules, regulations, and laws and following them is critical to your success. If you try and cut too many corners, you can lose your business permit and possibly face severe fines. One of the requirements is that your corporation must have a company secretary. This is a position that advises your corporate board about various issues. So cutting that position is fraught with peril.

I was paying my guy a lot of money for what I thought was a fairly pedestrian task. I looked online for some options and found a company that will fill the roll for a fraction of the money I was paying my employee. Plus they had a solid record of performance. As difficult as it was, I made the decision to release my employee and allow the company to fill the position. They hit the ground running and never looked back. They’ve done an excellent job. It’s an example of how outsourcing can really improve your bottom line.

Fat Freezing for Stomach Flattening

Posted by Timothy Castonguay on January 1, 2017 in General with Comments closed |

I have been working out, dieting, running, all sorts of stuff for close to a year now, and I still haven’t managed to do what I sat out to do. That is to flatten my stomach, and even though I have lost a lot of weight, there is just this pocket of fat that remains on my stomach, and it is driving me crazy. It makes me want to punch a dolphin. Not really, but I have been reading about fat freezing in Singapore and it sounds hopeful to me. I am not really sure how it works, or why it would work that freezing your fat gets rid of it.

But in the end, I do not really care too much about why it works, or how it works, so long as it does works. I am really just fed up with having this fat on my stomach, and i know that I will look so much better if I can get rid of it. Read more…

Gifts That Are Appreciated by My Employees

Posted by Timothy Castonguay on January 1, 2017 in General with Comments closed |

I own a company that employs nearly 140 people. We are quite successful, and I know that I owe the majority of that to the people who work for me. That is why I take care of them in every way I can. They all earn a good income, plus I offer benefits that other companies don’t. At the end of the year, we also have a Christmas party, where they all get bonuses as well as a gift from I discovered this site quite by accident, but it is one that I go to at least twice a year now.

This is because the corporate gifts that I find there are quality gifts that I know my workers appreciate. I have purchased umbrellas, desk clocks, coffee mugs, laptop bags, teddy bears, pen sets and so much more from them. Read more…

New Laptops for Our New High School Kids on the Fast Track Through College

Posted by Timothy Castonguay on November 1, 2016 in General with Comments closed |

Kids going to high school. Wow! The time flies. I remember them in diapers like it was yesterday. Now I am waiting for Cyber Monday laptop sales to give them both new computers to use for their high school years. Both of them are part of a program for them to graduate with an associate degree when they finish high school. My wife and I decided we would give them all the tools they need to succeed. Of course, the new computers will also be able to be used for fun and gaming too. You cannot get around that.

Both kids are going to be in visual design careers that include the need to be experts in photography and videography from shooting to editing. We got them subscriptions to cloud-based image and video editing software professionals use, and we are making sure their laptops have discrete graphics cards that can render high-end 4K video without a problem. They are going to be power users of their new computers right off the bat in their high school classes. Read more…

A Church App That is Very Helpful

Posted by Timothy Castonguay on June 28, 2016 in General with Comments closed |

When I first started attending the church I am at now, I knew that it was where I was meant to be. The pastor was and continues to be on fire for the Lord, and his excitement is quite contagious. Everyone uses their talents to contribute however they can, which is why I was put in charge of technology. I quickly had the church online with a great website along with a social media presence, and then I talked with a Singapore app developer about having an app designed specifically for our church family.

There are nearly 300 people who attend, and I knew that number was likely going to continue to climb. I wanted to reach people however possible, which is why an app is really good for us. Nearly everyone, even the older members of the congregation, has smartphones, which meant that they would be able to fully use the app. I also knew that it would probably reach people who just wanted some basic information about who we are and what we do. Read more…

Video Production for New Advertising Experiment

Posted by Timothy Castonguay on June 25, 2016 in General with Comments closed |

The company that I work for in Singapore has never really put out any advertisements before in its history. For basically the entire history of the business, we have relied on word of mouth in order to get the word out about our company and the products and services that we are offering. It has worked well, but I think it has reached a limit and so we are trying to find a video production house in Singapore e that we can hire to produce some videos for our company, that will serve as advertisements and help us to get more customers.

It is very importnat that we are able to find some new customers, because if you do not refresh your pool of clients with new customers every so often, then it is almost guaranteed that your business is going to stagnate at some point. This is definitely something that we would like to avoid, as we are at a point where we are trying to expand our operations and offer some new products and services. But we can’t do that unless we have demand for the new products and a healthy base of customers to sell them to.

We have had little growth in new customers in the past year, and so we are going to try to do some new things to find new customers. Top on the list is the advertisements, but there are other things being done as well. We are also going to upgrade the website for the company, and part of that is going to involve putting some informational videos on the website for potential customers to watch and learn more about our products. We are going to need to have those videos produced as well, and hopefully by the same company that we have produce the advertisements.

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